For over 130 years the Toronto Lawyers Association (TLA) has represented the interests of lawyers practicing in the City of Toronto. The TLA was founded in 1885 to expedite the construction of a new Court House in the city; now the TLA is a thriving association that recognizes the shared sense of community that Toronto lawyers experience. Our membership is diverse and varied, representing solo practitioners, small to large law firm lawyers, in-house counsel, licensing candidates and others across the Greater Toronto Area. Law school students and paralegals join as Friends of the TLA.

Why become a Sponsor?

Becoming a TLA Sponsor is the most visible way to show you support the legal profession. As a sponsor, your company will enjoy exposure at a number of TLA events and activities, in addition to a variety of media and marketing channels. The variety of events and programs allows you to target our members in specific practice areas, firm size, or even by year of call to the bar. That kind of specificity will help you match your promotion goals.

Sponsorship with the TLA provides an excellent opportunity to:


Promote your organization and your products to over 4,100 members .


Maintain a high profile in the Toronto legal community.


Increase brand awareness and credibility . The TLA only associates with reputable organizations .


Network and build new relationships with lawyers in Toronto.


Work with an association that is flexible and considerate of your goals .

Sponsorship Opportunities

We offer a number of opportunities in the areas of education, networking, and print and web recognition, that can help you increase your exposure and access to the TLA’s members.

• Annual Sponsorship
• TLA Annual Awards Gala
• Young Lawyers Bench & Bar Social
• Education Programs
• Advertising through our media

Would you like to know more?

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For more details about our members, events and sponsorship opportunities download the full Sponsorship Program.

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