Toronto Law Journal - 2020 Issues

October 2020 Updates to Ontario’s Franchise Regulations
Chandos: Supreme Court affirms anti-deprivation rule and confirms rule is triggered by effects of contractual provisions, not purpose
Matthews v Ocean Nutrition: Supreme Court of Canada confirms fundamental employment obligations
Pandemic Prejudice: Striking Civil Jury Notices During COVID-19
September 2020 The Statement of Defence - A Few Considerations
Proposals to Amend the    Libel and Slander Act
Henson Trusts – A Need for Reform
A Primer on CRA’s Collection Powers and its Effect on Secured and Unsecured Creditors
June 2020 Girao v. Cunningham, 2020 ONCA 260: A Cautionary Tale Regarding Trial Fairness and Self-Represented Litigants
Reopening a Safe Workplace: To test employees temperatures or not?
Post Pandemic: The New Normal for Tax Litigation
A Notice of Rescission by Any Other Name: Pleadings May Double as Notices of Rescission
May 2020 J.B. v. Ontario: Duty of Care in the Context of Child Protection Cases
The Ontario Court of Appeal’s Decision on Trial Fairness and Self-Represented Litigants
Case Commentary: MDS Inc. v. Factory Mutual Insurance Company;Future Considerations for Insurance Coverage
SNC-Lavalin: The Final Chapter
April 2020 Maintaining a Wills and Estates Practice During COVID-19
YVR Makes Safe Landing: Competition Bureau Abuse of Dominance Case against the Vancouver Airport Authority is Dismissed
Construction Statutory Trusts in CCAA Sales
A Notice of Rescission By Any Other Name: ONCA - Pleadings Can Double as Notice of Rescission
March 2020 Coronavirus Emergency Response: Risk Assessment and Risk Management
FlightHub Experiences Some Turbulence Courtesy of the Competition Bureau
The Alberta Court of Appeal’s Decision on the Federal Carbon Scheme
Fit For Rescission?
February 2020 Under the Influence: The Canadian Competition Bureau’s Stand on Misleading Product Endorsements
Dial an Accidental Franchise
Client Capacity - On the Rise in Family Law Cases
When to Speak Up: Applying the Parol Evidence Rule in Contractual Disputes
January 2020 Cannabis Industry Warned by CSA to Improve Governance
  Canadian National Security Reviews: 10 Takeaways
If There’s Anything That You Want: Indemnification of Estate Trustee Legal Fees
  The Canadian Cannabis Sector: Financing in Difficult Times
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