Construction Law's New Era of Adjudication and Prompt Payment in Review

Ivan Merrow, Glaholt Bowles LLP

Ivan Merrow is a construction lawyer and litigator at Glaholt LLP. His practice focuses on providing exceptional legal service to organizations and individuals in the construction industry. He represents clients at every level of the construction supply chain, including developers, owners, general contractors, subcontractors, sureties, engineers, and architects.

Ivan most frequently acts in disputes involving contracts, liens, trusts, bonds, delay claims, deficiencies and professional negligence. Ivan seeks to resolve disputes efficiently through a combination of advocacy, alternative dispute resolution and negotiation. He has appeared at all levels of court in Ontario, in insolvency proceedings under the BIA and CCAA, and has acted in ad hoc arbitrations arising from large-scale infrastructure projects.

In addition to his law degree, Ivan holds an M.B.A. degree from Queen’s University. When clients require proactive advice relating to construction contracts, procurement processes and design agreements, Ivan provides business-oriented insight through the lens of a litigator.

Outside of law practice, Ivan serves as a Real Estate and Young Lawyers Committee member of the Toronto Lawyers Association as well as an executive of both the Central Young Lawyers’ Division of the Ontario Bar Association and the Construction Law Section of the Canadian Bar Association. He regularly writes articles and speaks on issues related to professionalism, civil procedure and construction law. During his university studies, Ivan won multiple awards for his academic success in legal ethics, operations, technical writing and information technology. He maintains an avid interest in technology and innovation, especially as they relate to the construction and legal industries.

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